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The #1 Selling Aluminum Gangways in North America.

If you’re looking for a dock gangway for your personal dock, a marina, or even a resort, our aluminum gangways are your solution. They are designed to withstand the tough conditions and harsh environments of commercial and industrial use, so that means you can rest assured that a MarinaStep dock gangway will last you for years. We can create custom walk surfaces that provide you safe passage to your boat, floating dock, or other surfaces in comfort and style.

SafeRack’s barge access and ship access gangways are advanced, corrosion-resistant aluminum marine gangways that are designed for OHSA-compliant worker safety, durability and reliability in marine environments and are built-to-order to your required length and specifications. And they’re built to last, too. Constructed of durable marine-grade aluminum or galvanized or stainless steel, our vessel gangways are available in sizes up to 50′ in length and 5′ in width. Special-purpose gangways exceeding those measurements can also be built.

Marine gangways (ship brow or accommodation ladder)

Marine gangways (also known as a ship brow or accommodation ladder) are the last thing an operator comes into contact with before stepping onto a vessel and the first thing they come into contact with when going back to shore, so they need to be rugged and dependable, but most importantly, they need to be safe and SafeRack is committed to workplace safety. This is why we manufacture durable and long-lasting aluminum safety products including:

  • Barge gangways can be fixed to a static structure like a complex platform system or to a mobile platform to allow easy operation and storage.
  • Ship’s brows that can be stand-alone and are put into place when necessary, and then picked up and stored on the dock or vessel when not needed.
  • Barge bridges to allow for safe travel between barges.
  • Custom marine ramps for safe access to and from barges and ships.


With SafeRack’s MarinaStep, you get your choice of power options to raise and lower your fixed gangways. Choose from:

  • Manually with counter-balanced springs
  • Manually with a hand-winch
  • Electric winch
  • Pneumatic cylinders
  • Pneumatic winch
  • Pneumatic over hydraulics

With a long history of building gangways, our patented ship gangways and ramps are custom designed by our engineering staff to meet your application needs and built for durable and long-lasting performance in harsh marine conditions.


Aluminum SAS gangwayAvailable in lengths from 5 to 24 feet, the MarinaStep Self-Adjusting Stair Gangway (SAS) marine gangway is a perfect solution to reach both short and intermediate distances, providing a slip-resistant and level step for users along the entire length of the gangway.

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Ship brow and aluminum gangwaysOur SG series aluminum gangways for barge and ship access use a rugged U-body construction to provide a live load capacity of 750 pounds and can be custom constructed to accommodate even higher load capacities.

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Marina GangwayOur rugged U-body construction provides a standard live load capacity of 750 pounds and can be custom constructed to accommodate even higher load capacities. Additionally, you can choose from four different walk surfaces to improve your footing when operating at steeper angles.

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